Hello Readers! I’m going to shar with you some videos from the Internet that show how talented naughty dumb can a perosn be in the 21st century.

His Turning Deliveries Could Upset

In such a small age, he his turning the ball like no one can. Every one may be exclaimed with surprise after watching his bowling. Such turn might have uspet the greatest batsmen if their time.

Feet Balance of The Boy

This boy really amazes with how he balances his body while doing such act in the public. With such clarity in the performance, he really won hearts of millions on the internet.

Some People Are Born Senseless

There is no wonder that some people on the face of the earth are born senseless – they even can’t see and feel the things around although they have all the supporting resources. Just look at the IQ level of this person in the video, and then realize what I mean to say:




More Than a Humiliation That Is!

Some acts may seem funny, but can be harmful and full of humiliation. This video shows how weird people can be; the scene looks like a prank thoug.

He doesn’t need a partner to dance

Some people are called pro, and this man is surely one of them. He know how ti find an imaginary partner for the thing he loves to do.

That Naughtiness Was Dangerous

Even though it seems funny, it’s dangerous. This funny fut silly act of the boy could have dangered the life of the person who was sitting on the bike. Such act should never be allowed.

By Akram Khan

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