Whether you continue or stop, life goes on. Sometimes up; next time down – this is what the worldy life means to be! So, there is a question – Why Rack Your Brains?

Why Think Deep?

No one, of course, is supposed to get anything out of thinking deeply about something. Yes, stress, however, can lead you to where you can end up doing nothing. Think, but, for the positive outcomes. Remember! This is life, and it will never be led by you – you can only plan.

Are You Independent?

Storing a lot of stuff doesn’t make you independent. Yes, again, it doesn’t change things – life perspectives and the deadline i.e, death. We are not the creator, and the Creator knows what suits us the best. We do need him, and of course, He is Independent (we aren’t).

Still Racking Your Brains?

See, don’t compell it to end up as a Drain – let the B be remain positive and D not displace the peece.

Special Note of Mine:

Think, of course, about your existence – why you were created, and what you are doing. We’re just a creation, and the Creator Knows what we know not. Be patient!

B – Basically,

R – Reads

A – All the things

I – In front of you, and it

N – Never knows the hidden things.

Yes, we have a limitation. We can never see the things beyond our horizon. Set a limit to settle your mind. Don’t panic as there is wisdom in everything. You can’t change things, however, your patience can bring a lot of positives.

By Akram Khan

I am a professional blogger and an English Language Trainer. Currently, I am guiding students who are preparing for IELTS General Training and Academic exams through englishperiod.com. With a 7.5 score myself, I train and provide test takers with strategies, tips, and nuances on how to crack the IELTS exam.

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