Guinness World Records Took a Dig

This T20 World Cup in Australia has shown a lot of unbelievable things. Whether it’s Ireland’s victory over England or Zimbabwe upsetting Pakistan in group matches, cricket fans have experienced a lot of such things that never happened before in a similar fashion. Another thing that is circulating on the internet is the match between India and England, and ‘Guinness World Records has taken a dig into it.

India vs England Semi-Final

The Guinness World Records page has really shown interest in taking a dig at the current Indian team. Its tweet came after a humiliating defeat of India against the England cricket team in the second semi-final of the T20 World Cup 2022. It was not the first time when India lost the match y 10 wickets in any world cup match. Earlier, it was the arch-rival Pakistan (152/0). This time it was England for 170 without a wicket. An interesting fact was that no baller was able to upset any English batsman throughout the match.

This tweet was liked by over 131 lac users and retweeted by almost 18k people. More and more people are engaging in the comment section and laughing at what India did in the last match of their world cup campaign. This really is an embarrassing moment for Indian cricket fans and the team as well.

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What’s your opinion on this? Do you believe that the tweet justifies India’s performance? Was this the easiest chase of all time? please write in the comment section. Thanks for READING THIS POST!

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