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English is one of the most popular languages in the world. For this reason, millions of people are learning this language. Not only this language gives one opportunity to crack interviews but also horizons with respect to business and career. However, there are some challenges while learning this language. One of the hurdles is learning words forever. In this blog, I’m going to share how you can excel in vocabulary.

Tips to Learn Words Forever

Learning any word forever is not rocket science. Akram Khan is going to share with you important tips on how to learn any word forever. Please go through all these points and practice regularly to improve your writing and speaking skills.

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Learn Hindi and English Meaning

Yes, knowing the meanings of words in both languages will help you remind and give an everlasting impression every time your read, or listen to the word. This is very effective.


The word ‘Lucid

Meaning in English: Clear and easy to understand.

Hindi Meaning: साफ

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Learn Synonyms and Antonyms

Making a back in the English language always works for you. This is the approach to quickly remind any word. Since the meaning is similar, you will be able to remember the particular meaning of a word.

For Example, The word ‘Stubborn’ has the following synonyms:

Willful, Wayward, Pig-headed, Restive, Obstinate.

Also, Learn Antonyms

Every story can be reminded of if it has a similar or contradicting tale or something. In the same way, if you have to learn synonyms or antonyms of a word at the same time, you will easily be remembering the particular word.

For instance, Obedient, and Honest are the antonyms of Stubborn.

Consider Sentences and Paragraphs

Once you have learned all the above, try to make examples using them. The word ‘Stubborn’ with synonyms can be used in examples as follow:

  • She is the most restive girl I have ever met.
  • I never want to deal with stubborn people.
  • He is such pig-headed that no one wants to talk to him.
  • They are very willful people as they get what they want.

In a Paragraph

People nowadays are very weird. We often meet such folks who are willful. For instance, I recently happened to meet with a pig-headed boy who restrained me while I was working at my site. Such restive behavior of individuals can be upsetting.

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